We provide detailed and affordable parenting plans in mediated divorce and custody cases:-

Our strong child advocacy approach will take care of the best interests of the children.

Mediation provides a forum to support parent’s through their differences as it relates to the many aspects of their children’s lives.  We believe that both parents are an integral part of children’s lives. Our mediated parenting process includes balancing age-appropriate schedules and custody plans with the child’s specific needs and the law.

Private Courts and all Mediators follow a very strict child advocacy protocol, where the interests of the children are always placed at the fore.  Children benefit from the resolution of conflict. They are harmed by escalating conflict. Do not allow children to be the pawns in your divorce. They deserve their childhood and the only people to protect them are their parents. Parents should never use custody as tool to get back at or alter support obligations.

Parents should always work to place the interests of their children first. We offer mediation services to assist in this crucial aspect of your process and where necessary are able to make excellent and time tested referrals.

We also serve the  lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)  community with divorce, custody, support and domestic partnership mediation in California, nationally and globally.


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